Is GMail Now Irresistible?

A couple of weeks ago, I embraced GMail as my primary e-mail client. The impetus was a cool beta that promised to organize the hundreds of e-mails that hit my inbox every day. I’m still waiting for my beta invite but even if never comes, at least it got me into GMail.

What I particularly like about GMail is the ability to manage (send, receive and search) multiple e-mail accounts. Add some colorful labels, Xoopit, Better GMail, and some other bells and whistles, and you’re good to go.

Now, GMail has upped the ante with the launch of video chat. (Webware has a good, early review.) After installing a 2MB plug-in, you can have video chats with other GMail users.

Now, I’m not a big personal video user having avoided the whole video-blogging revolution so far but I can see how video chat would appeal to many people.

In fact, I can even see myself using video chat given I manage 50 fantastic freelancers around the world who write for PlanetEye. It would be a great way to connect with people who I deal with on a regular basis.

More: You can get information the GMail blog, as well as excited mini-review from Venture Beat’s Anthony Ha.

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  • Alan Lepofsky

    I wish they would add tables to the editor already!

  • Robert Lendvai

    I’ve been on GMail for almost two years now and really like it. Having Google search as part of an email client makes it really powerful.

  • Peter

    I’ve been a convert to Gmail for all my e-mail needs for a few years now. I’ll admit that I was a bit hesitant to switch over 100% to an online service, but as they say, “GMail is different”.

    Besides forcing the other webmail providers to innovate and offer more space, Gmail is easy to use, doesn’t have many hassles and the ads aren’t bothersome.

    The ability to easily search for old messages also makes management a lot easier. I have several old POP3 accounts pointed to Gmail so that all my mail is just aggregated there. Sure, there are privacy concerns, but I don’t really have anything critical going through there.

    The only concern is that with all your mail on a third-party server there is the potential for unrepentant loss. Thankfully, things like Gmail Backup help allay some of those fears.