Gabe Rivera Has Nothing to Worry About

Google has finally updated its blog search service.

Question: what took it so long?

This is so supposed to the be the world’s leading search player, and its blog service has been sitting there relatively unloved while the blog search market has been floundering. For all the startups (e.g. SearchMe, Powerset, Culio) focused on the Big search market, they would have much better off going after the blog segment.

While ReadWriteWeb may contend Google’s new and improved blog search service in a Techmeme-kiler, the two are still different animals. If Google is an anything killer, it’s probably going after players such as Blogrunner and Daylife.

The Google blog search update is one of the quirky elements of the Google landscape. As much as Google is seen as a dynamic, innovative and aggressive company, it has a funny habit of letting some of its assets gather dust.

Look at how long Blogger sat around by itself after it was purchased without getting much attention. The same goes for Orkut, Froogle and Picasa, which just got another makeover.

For more check out Mathew Ingram, who doesn’t think Google blog search is a Techmeme-killer, and Google Operating System, which contends that: “The new Blog Search homepage is a decent alternative to the technology-focused Techmeme and to Technorati’s front page. Hopefully, Google will filter the low-quality posts and it will integrate the service with Google News.”

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