Rogers, Here’s an iPhone Tip

Rogers is taking a public relations pounding over the high-cost data plans (three-year contract, no unlimited data) for the 3G iPhone that hits the street on Friday. As well, Apple is apparently pissed at Rogers. (Update: Fortune wonders if the Apple-Rogers tiff is too good to be true.)

Here’s a way for Rogers to get out of its iPhone PR pickle: unveil a $130/month plan with unlimited data and, say, 1,000 voice day-time (non-weekend) minutes:

Play the mea culpa card: “Canadians, we goofed by not realizing how much you wanted to use the iPhone to access the Web. Our bad. Here’s how we’re going to make it up to you”…or something like that.

Likelihood of actually happening: sadly, slim to none.

Another option: Maybe Rogers should do what O2 is doing in the U.K. with a pay-as-you-go/no contract plan.

Update: The National Post, which describes the iPhone/Rogers situation as an “imbroglio” (great word!), has a quote from Rogers spokesman Elizabeth Hamilton, who must be loving her job right now.

When asked about the rumors Apple is diverting iPhones to Europe instead of Canada, she said:

“Rogers does not comment on rumours or speculation” but added “I would confirm that Canada’s inventory of iPhone 3G has remained the same throughout our announcements, and it’s our goal to put a revolutionary iPhone 3G into the hands of every customer who wants one.”

Make of that what you will.

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  • Mark McKay

    Too bad, because even though that is a insane amount of money, it would totally placate the masses.

  • Yan

    My issue is more the contract length than the data plans. The plans do suck, but what’s worse is being stuck with the plans for 3 years.

  • Oliver Dueck

    The contract length is no different than any other plan in Canada. If you want a contract that is less than three years, prepare to pay a lot for the phone.

    $130/month is still a ridiculous amount of money, especially when compared to the U.S. If the base Rogers plan had 2 GB of data, more minutes, and a more reasonable amount of text messages, it really wouldn’t be that bad.

  • David

    All that Rogers really needs to do is reduce each plan by $20 and reduce overage charges to 0.02/mb ($20/gig) on all overages OR double the data cap on each plan. 800mb min, 4gb highest level. I think that 800mb would be sufficient for 75% of the people using the iPhone and if someone uses 4GB of bandwidth in one month on their iPhone, then they have issues.

    I don’t think that they should introduce an even more expensive plan, but I do think that the rumours that data and talk time plans can be purchased independent of each other is smart.

    Not much longer until we find out what Rogers is going to do. Either way, getting per second billing from Fido makes more sense than buying from Rogers, especially on the lower end plan.

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  • Denis

    I think Mark Evans really wants the iPhone, seeing as he’s posted about it at least 14 times in the past month.

  • Mark Evans


    Actually, I’ve posted 16 times about the iPhone in the past month. :)

    As for whether I want an iPhone; not really given I have a Blackberry, and I don’t have a huge need to browse the Web using a wireless device.

    I would, however, like an iPod Touch at some point – and I suspect there will be a lot of them on eBay and Craigslist soon as iPhone buyers get rid of the “antiquated” devices.

  • Denis

    Hehee, good response. I do agree that other devices on the market (Blackberry is a name that immediately comes to mind) offer a lot more competition to the iPhone that they’re given credit for.

  • Marty

    I asked my local rogers store for an iphone the day before it was announced.. then the day it was announced again i contacted them. In person and by phone…. I didn’t go on Friday as i was tipped off that they will not have a good supply on hand… so i went on saturday… now it is wednesday I have been in the store every day asking “what do you recommend that I do in order to insure I get an iphone… basically the 16 year old kid says sorry there is a list and opps i mean first come first serve, but we don’t know when the next shipment will arrive. Sorry can’t help you… I’m holding my breath that one of the 5 times a day I go into the store they just might have one….. oh .. have I said the every time i go into the store someone is activating an iphone. So much for service… That’s what i get for giving a company 125 bucks a month, every month, all year long…. year after year