The Week That Was

Here’s some of the news, views and other stuff that caught my attention this week:


I’ve been trying to control my Twitter usage recently. As a start, I don’t fire it up until at least noon to ensure the digital noise level is kept to a minimum. Some interesting Twitter tidbits:

- I’m now being followed by the Samsung Instinct. Yup, the Instinct is so smart, it can talk and Twitter.

- For those of you looking for a new to use Twitter, check out TwitterDeck. It’s a desktop AIR application that integrates search using Summize. It needs some work but has potential. It got me thinking that a really cool tool would be one where you could respond and receive to all your micro-blogging accounts (e.g. Twitter, Plurk, Jaiku,, etc.)

iPhone Mania!

- It seems crazy but, according to Engadget, people are already lining up outside the Apple store in New York for the new iPhone – even though it won’t be on sale for another week. The willingness to line up days in advance to buy something is bizarre. It’s one thing to do it for a product such as a concert ticket where there’s a capped amount available but Apple is making millions of new iPhones so it’s not people will miss out if they don’t line up. Then again, everyone wants to be the first on their block to have one.

Most Popular Posts this week:

- Rogers Unveils iPhone Pricing…and there’s a lot of people unhappy about the absence of an unlimited data option.

- The iPhone is Going to Bomb: Much of the enthusiasm surrounding the iPhone’s much-anticipated launch in Canada seems to be evaporating.

- The Digerati’s Love Affair with Friendfeed: a service that the always-on, always-connected gang loves to love.

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