Would You Buy a MacBook Clone?

There’s a lot of chatter about “rebel” computer makers such Psystar Corp. sticking their collective tongues at Steve Jobs by selling desktops featuring Mac OS X at much lower prices than an Apple-made machine.

To date, these computers have been interesting and somewhat newsworthy but far from compelling because desktop computers are far from sexy.

But what would happen if someone started selling a knock-off MacBook or MacBook Pro that had the look, feel and OS as the Real McCoy? Now, that would be interesting for anyone interested in buying a MacBook/MacBook Pro but unable or unwilling to drop $1,300 to $3,000.

Let’s say, for example, you could buy a knock-off MacBook for $600. Would you do it even though it didn’t have Steve Jobs’ personal seal of approval?

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  • Parker

    I just recently bought my first Mac and I’m pretty impressed with it and with the level of service that Apple provides. However, if there was a company that could offer similar service/warranty for a computer that is just as good looking (I dropped the extra $ for the black Mac Book…style counts), I’d definitely buy a clone.

  • Shaun Rotman

    A few weeks ago I ventured over to the OSx86 project page and learned how easy it is to get OS X up and running on a PC. I now dual boot Windows XP and OS X Leopard on my Dell M1210 flawlessly.

    I never understood why people were willing to pay out so much money to Apple for hardware that can be had from other PC manufacturers for half the price. Is Apple software really worth the significant price jump?

    Now that there are budding alternatives I think more consumers will begin to ask themselves the same question.

  • Major

    The question also needs to be posed that the higher prices for Macs includes their number 1 customer support. And I don’t just mean troubleshooting, but the wonderful ‘how-to’ classes/videos and one-on-one training. I have long been a PC user and went to Mac. As much as people tout the Mac OS as simple to create wonderful new media. It’s actually not that simple nor easy.

    I found it VERY helpful to have the extra support on HOW TO ACTUALLY USE THE APPLICATIONS (iLife). This allowed me to edit my movies and photos. And actually author a DVD with this content.

    In addition to the tightly integrated hardware and OS, the support justifies the higher price. Would you buy a Porsche knock-off?

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