Chris Sacca on Twitter

I had a short chat about Twitter with Chris Sacca, an early investor in the company, before he appeared on a panel earlier today at the Communitech Leadership conference in Waterloo.

In mentioning how well the Twitter ecosystem has developed, Sacca said Twitter’s own plans to offer more features had been kept in check because it didn’t have the horses to do it. This could suggest that Twitter may become more feature-rich, which should be interesting given how many people love its no-frills approach.

During the panel, Sacca said while recent suggestions that Twitter is far being a mainstream service may be accurate, the same could have been said about Facebook two years ago. It was interesting to see the results of an informal poll about how many people at the conference use Twitter. Out of 300 people, maybe 10 raised their hands. When asked about Facebook, three-quarters of the room raised their hands.

Meanwhile, TechCrunch is reporting that Twitter might be abandoning Ruby on Rails for PHP or Java. Meanwhile, Loren Feldman has some thoughts on Twitter – something about it’s a great place to pick up middle-aged women.

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  • Bob Aman

    Nah, they’re not abandoning Rails. TechCrunch’s sources obviously don’t have all the information. It’s more likely a contingency plan than an actual move.