Link Bait Alert!

No offense intended but Preston Gralla’s post – “Five Reasons Why Vista beats Mac OS X” is 100% link bait. In fact, it’s so blatant link bait that even Henry Blodget, who’s a master of link bait, would be embarrassed.

Maybe Gralla should try to come up with a more substantive list of reasons before blowing out his “list”. Reason #5, which suggests that Vista is better than OS X because of Steve Jobs, is particularly dumb.

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  • MG Siegler

    Totally, completely, 100% agree. I found the argument that Vista is better than OS X because PCs are cheaper than Macs to be great as well.

  • Voyagerfan5761

    I am no fan of Vista, and I don’t really care about Mac one way or another. I read that post, though, and found it completely lacking substance.

  • Daniel Gibbons

    Gralla’s post was particularly laughable for me because I just spent about a week trying to deal with the approx. two year-old PCs in my new office. Each and every one had become so slow as to be completely unusable. Booting up? Five minutes at least. Opening Outlook? Another three minutes. Opening Internet Explorer? Two minutes. And then I looked in the accounting files. Bills for literally thousands of dollars for “IT support” over the last two years. My MacBook is coming up on two years old and it runs just as smoothly today as the day I bought it.

    Sure I could format the hard drives and do a clean install of Windows on five PCs. But I’m supposed to be the CEO and I’m not sure the board would think this to be a good use of my time.

    So my direct experience is that I can’t justify NOT running macs. I can’t afford the lost productivity, frustration and direct expense. We now have new MacBooks with 23″ HD displays, I’ve ditched the crappy hosted exchange service ($160 / month!) in favor of Google apps, and we’re using NeoOffice for all the functionality of Office for free.

    Of course Gralla is right about one thing. My staff can’t play Minesweeper or Solitaire any more.

  • Arni

    And here you are, swallowed the bait hook, line and sinker, and are spreading the news, making sure more people will click the link to see how ridiculous it is. I’d say that’s some good fishing right there :)