Calacanis Has ‘Em in a Tizzy Again

Jason Calacanis has a gift for getting people all hot and bothered and, in the process, generating some impressive amounts of attention, which, I guess, is the entire goal of the exercise.

This time around, he’s got 17 “really good” tips for running a startup. To be honest, many of them are solid, straightforward suggestions. You may not want to follow every one to a tee but having worked for three start-ups, many of the tips make a lot of sense.

Calacanis – and I’m sure he did this on purpose because how else do you capture peoples’ attention without some controversy – is being beat up (some of more passionate posts can be found here and here) for suggesting startups work their employees like dogs, and dissing the idea of work-life balance.

Come on everyone, he’s baiting you. He baited, you bit. Calacanis may very well be drinking the work-like-a-dog Koolaid but he just riffing to grab the spotlight before the tsunami of SXSW coverage starts to roll in.

Nice work, Jason.

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  • Jason

    To be totally honest, this wasn’t a link baiting post. I actually thought to myself yesterday “gosh, I’ve got to get back to writing those helpful posts about running startup companies” since people loved them so much.

    the comment about firing folks who are looking for balance was done with a wink and a grin, but one person who is very family focused seemed to think I was saying “screw your family!” and wen’t a bit of rant. Which is fine, family is the most important thing in life….. after your unique visitor count! :-) *

    Just kidding ….. really, family is the most important.

    best j

    * say that like Triumph the Insult Comic Dog for extra effect.

  • Mark Evans


    Thanks for the comment. By baiting, I meant that you were trying to people riled up, which it obviously did to great affect. That said, if it attracted attention to some solid business practices, then that can only be a good thing.

  • michael arrington

    Mark – Jason is indeed a famous baiter. but in this case I think he really did mean it to be more of an advice post. But he stumbled in the tone and it ended up somewhere in between. Which, frankly, makes it an even better type of bait.

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