Alert: Bloggers in Frenzy over Apparent Facebook Fatigue!

All hands on deck, all hands on deck: the blogosphere is threatening to go overboard amid doom and gloom reports the number of Facebook users in the U.S. – gasp! – fell in January by 800K (according to comScore) to 33.9 million users from a month earlier.

Is Facebook officially OVER?

Has Facebook Fatigue finally HAPPENING?

Should Mark Zuckerberg sold Facebook to Yahoo for $1-billion (or $900-million) when he had the CHANCE?

At least Webware’s Caroline McCarthy and CenterNetworks, which brings into question the seasonal nature of Facebook traffic, are staying calm while others ring the alarm bells.

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  • allen
  • allen

    Thanks Mark – was really looking for your thoughts :)

  • Mark Evans

    Gotcha! I just left a comment on CN.