See Seesmic Seize Cash

Seesmic, the video-service that Loren Feldman loves to hate, has raised $6-million.

That’s a big accomplishment given the video market is ultra-competitive and Seesmic is trying to jump-start the rather strange idea of having video conversations. But what’s more impressive is the list of investors. It’s like an all-star team featuring players from Web 1.0 and Web 2.0:

* The lead investor is Atomico – a group founded by Niklas Zennström and Janus Friis.
* Michael Arrington – Founder, TechCrunch
* Steve Case – Co-Founder and former CEO and Chairman, AOL
* Jeff Clavier – Managing Partner, SoftTech VC
* Ron Conway – Early investor, Google
* Steve Garfield – video blogger
* Dan Gillmor – Director, Knight Center for Digital Media Entrepreneurship
* Reid Hoffman – Founder, LinkedIn
* Michael Parekh – Managing Director, Goldman Sachs
* Mark Pincus – Co-Founder and former Chairman and CEO, SupportSoft
* Ariel Poler – Founder and former CEO, IPRO and Topica
* Jeff Pulver – Chairman and Founder,
* Martin Varsavsky – Founder, FON

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  • Luca

    My company made a “video twitter” before Seesmic and investing much, much, much, much less. I wonder how many great things you could do with 6 millions… like starting a couple of new companies other than Seesmic. It’s pretty clear that just this list of investors is a good start to get the proper attention from the market. Ok, but what about the service?

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  • Aidan Henry

    Wow… I hadn’t heard about this yet. That is an unreal list of investors. That’s what I call SMART money.


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  • Eric Rice

    @Luca I called this effect ‘the loic effect’ because yes, it’s not an early entrant at all, it’s just a famous one.

    Welcome to social media, btw. We don’t have to like it, we just have to understand its mechanics.

    Good luck.

  • adam

    the 6mill aint for dev i would think, but marketing dollars…