It’s All About Location…and Local News

If you’re a fan of Google News, you’ll be interested in a new feature Google has rolled out – local news.

By entering the name of your city or zip code, you can create a section on Google News that picks up local news sources. It’s pretty impressive.

A couple of thoughts:

1. It’s hard to tell whether newspapers will be happy about this development or not given going local seems to be one way for newspapers to survive. If Google is providing local news, this may not be a good thing for newspapers. Or it might drive more traffic to newspaper Web sites.

2. More important, Google Local is clearly another way Google wants to drive local advertising. The market, so far, has been a tough nut for everyone, including Google, so perhaps this is a way for Google to drive deeper into the market.

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  • Aidan Henry

    I love local. I think it has huge benefits. Most notably, regular people can relate (think Craigslist, for example). I actually wrote a post on the topic:

    Let me know your thoughts…