Bad Case of Buyout Fever Breaks Out

Looks like the blogosphere has caught a bad case of buyout fever in the wake of Microsoft swooping down on Yahoo last week.

Speculation is rampant about who’s going to buy who – or it that whom? Will Google buy Bebo? Will MySpace buy someone? Will Rupert Murdoch buy anything that Google doesn’t?

Come on, everyone, take a deep breath and exhale. Now, doesn’t that feel better?

What everyone’s excited about is whether a Microsoft-Yahoo deal will cause other deals to happen. Maybe..or maybe not.

Maybe it will cause eBay and its new CEO to decide if now is the time to do another multi-billion dollar deal. Perhaps Jeff Bezos has aggressive strategic plans for Amazon. And who knows what Murdoch might do next after he finishes getting the Wall St. Journal deal into the News Corp. fold. And what does Mark Zuckerberg do with all that cash in the bank?

In the meantime, the rumours and innuendos will be fast and furious on the blogosphere. Enjoy but don’t take too many of them too seriously.

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