Rogers Preparing for iPhone with New Data Plans?

Iphone Canada-2
Don’t take this as the gospel but according to the Redflagdeals forum, Rogers is poised to unveil unlimited data plans that could signal that the iPhone will finally come to Canada.

Based on a conversation that a Rogers customer had with a service rep, Rogers will be rolling out unlimited plans next month. Here are the deets:

Value Packs Update:
$5 Community Value Pack
500 SMS
50 MMS
3 months unlimited SMS and MMS

$20 Updated Communicate Pack
Caller ID
Name Display
Who Called
2500 SMS
1000 MMS
Unlimited On-Device Mobile Browsing

$7 Vision Internet Package
50 Video Calling minutes
Unlimited On-Device Mobile Browsing
Unlimited Video calling for 12 months

New Data Plans
$5 – Unlimited On-Device Mobile Browsing
$15 – 2MB Blackberry Package

Note: Windows Mobile, PDAs & Blackberry phones aren’t eligible for $5 Unlimited On-Device Mobile Browsing

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  • Daniel Gibbons

    $5? The cynic in me thinks that must just be a way to get people with Razrs and other normal phones to pay $5 for something they’ll rarely use. There’s just no way they’d offer that deal for the iPhone.

  • Pema Hegan

    I hope you’re right Mark! I’m getting very frustrated with my tiny 10MB per month.

    If they did launch these plans all of us hacked iPhone owners could presumably just change our data plans.

  • Oliver Dueck

    I agree with Daniel. This would be great on my Blackberry, but when I had my RAZR it would have been pretty useless.

    Still, it’s a step in the right direction and it will be interesting to see how Bell and Telus respond.

  • Deb

    I fail to see what this has to do with the iPhone.. Seems more like a response to the Bell $7 unlimited browsing add-on.

  • Scott Brookes

    What I cant understand is why they always have to nickel and dime us with everything $7 for this package and another $5 for this and $25 for this…. why cant they make plans that make sense… like the ATT iPhone plans… $79.99 for this that and the other thing…. Period

    This is confusingi dont even know what plan of these i would get with an iPhone

  • Mike Hanson

    You don’t understand why they nickel and dime you for everything?
    Because they are greedy?
    Because they care more about mu making money than customer loyalty.
    Because they can!
    Can you spell Monopoly? They won.

  • Thomas

    Only charging 5$ for the plan even if it were for use on an iphone is not completely unreasonable. If you look at the 59.99$ iphone plan with ATT and compare what it includes to a similar Rogers plan they are paying next to nothing for the unlimited data that is included in the price.

    450 rollover mins
    5000 eve+weekend
    Voicemail, Call Display, 200txt, +++
    by itself with Rogers would be more than 60$ plus they get the data… So 5$ would be a nominal price to charge even if it were for an iphone.

  • Mopie

    I called rogers and asked… after a moment of them dodging around she finally said yes, we’re offering these plans for the prices, BUT “PDA Like” phones are not included.
    I currently have a HTC Tytn, and this does not qualify.

    I said what if I had a 3rd party / non-rogers phone?
    She said then that would not qualify either.

    Like Dan said above, its just for the phones that would be frustrating to try to surf on.

    Step in the right direction yes, but for the love of pete man, at least give a reasonably data rate for the rest of us. 10meg a month is spent in the first day of my billing cycle.



  • Panda

    They now have the unlimited mobile browsing listed on the Rogers site.