Technorati Redux?

I’ve been down on Technorati for awhile. Once the leading blog search engine, Technorati seemed to lose its way trying to be too many things to too many people.

Now, however, there are signs Technorati is returning to its roots with a new focus and a new look and feel. It’s like Technorati was lost in the woods but, like Hansel and Gretel, has found enough little white stones to find itself way home again. (TechCrunch – surprise, surprise – has all the deets).

The question is whether it’s too little, too late. Truth be told, Technorati has lost an awful lot of goodwill over the past year or so. In the meantime, Google Blog search has been embraced by many people while newcomers such as Sphere has been busy gaining a foothold. WinExtra has some similar thoughts on Technorati’s ability to make a comeback.

Then again, blog search is still wide open. Even though Google should probably be dominating the market given its search roots, no one has run away from the pack. Aiden Henry had a great post recently calling for a new blog search engine to step into the fray with some boundary-pushing innovation, while TechCrunch thinks the new Technorati has a “real shot” at being successful.

In many ways, it’s good to see Technorati making a comeback. The search market needs a variety of vibrant players so it can only be good new for blog search if Technorati has found its mojo again. More: Check out Fred Wilson’s post on his love-hate relationship with Technorati.

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  • Darren Barefoot

    You know, none of the services–including Google Blog Search–work well enough. I’m running a project for a client right now, and it’s obvious that at least half of the references to my client are getting missed by all of the services.