What’s Mark Zuckerberg Worth?

I’ll let the rest of the blogosphere focus (obsess?) on Microsoft’s $240-million investment (for a 1.6% stake) in Facebook but assuming the social networking darling now has a whopping, mind-blowing valuation of $15-billion (for some reason, I’m hearing Carl Sagan’s voice right now), how much is Mark Zuckerberg now worth – at least on paper.

For the sake of argument, let’s be aggressive and assume Facebook had a valuation of $500-million to $750-million when it raised $25-million of venture capital in April, 2006. That would have given the VCs a 3% to 5% stake. Let’s assume Zuckerberg owns 60% of Facebook while Harvard pals Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskowitz and Craig Hughes own 5% each, and employes own another 15%.

That would make Zuckerberg worth about $9-billion. Not quite Larry Page, Sergey Brin rich but it would make him the 73th richest person in the world (alongside media baron Rupert Murdoch) based on the Forbes’ billionaire list. Of course, even if Zuckerberg “only” owns a 40% stake, he’d still be worth $6-billion. Yikes!

For more, check out Silicon Valley Insider while HipMojo suggests Microsoft “is showing some backbone – perhaps foolishly – by not letting Google outbid it”.

Hat to Mathew Ingram, who points out that ValleyWag suggest Zuckerberg’s 30% stake is worth $5-billion. So, I was off a few billion dollars!

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  • Mathew Ingram

    Valleywag says $5-billion

  • Jerome locson

    wow. he’s now an instant billionaire. and he’s young in the business, too.

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  • Magnus

    Good for him!! I love that this can happen to anyone.

    I’m sure the Blogs will start the HATE ON for Mark Zuckerberg and the demise of Face Book with useless hypothesis and sarcastic rants about the should have, could have would haves.

  • Mark Evans

    I’m not sure whether Microsoft’s investment in Facebook will change anything in terms of how Zuckerberg is regarded. It’s not like bloggers haven’t already had ample time to attack him and the company already. The focus should really be on Facebook’s evolution as a business, and whether Microsoft’s role in helping sell advertising will make a significant difference.

  • Gary King

    I recall somewhere (credible) mentioning that Mark owns 20% of Facebook. That makes him worth $3 billion.