Zune, Zune Anyone?

A quick scan of the newspapers this morning saw several comments by analysts suggesting yesterday’s Apple Announcement now gives the iPod its most powerful portfolio…ever. Truth be told, it is very impressive….and I’d really like a iPod Touch to replace my now-antiquate iPod Mini.

In the wake of yesterday’s product refresh, it got me thinking about the rest of the players in the market. How can they compete when the iPod is so dominant? Clearly, Microsoft is trying to maintain a foothold by slashing $50 off the price of a 30-gigabyte Zune – a tactic that will, no doubt, be embraced by other MP3 players if they have not already done so. You can also expect to see iPod rivals slather on more gigabytes of memory and, like Apple, roll out wireless technology.

It’s not like everyone’s going to walk away from the MP3 market simply because the iPod rules the roost but the reality is the iPod has become the default for an MP3 player. When most people think about buying an MP3 player, they immediately think iPod. As long as Apple continues to be aggressive and doesn’t make any mistakes, this landscape will continue to exist.

Question o’ the Day: Can Skype be loaded on the Touch?


- USA Today has an interview with Steve Jobs about the new iPod line-up, including an answer to whether the Touch will compete against the iPhone. “A: If anybody is going to cannibalize us, I want it to be us. I don’t want it to be a competitor.”

- Deep Jive Interests on why he doesn’t really care if Zune prices are dropped.

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  • Juan Magdaraog

    I’m not sure if Skype can be installed on the iPod Touch but before we even go there, the question should be is there a way to get voice/audio input on the touch? I’m not sure if the audio input is just disabled. I’m hoping it shares common circuitry with the iPhone and that Apple just disabled the audio in. Then it should be hackable.

    A third party accessory could also be developed for it that can bring audio in capabilities.

    That being said, I’m also lusting for an iPod Touch. I know Meebo works on the iPhone via Safari mobile browser so it should be fine with the Touch.

  • lok cheung

    Skype on iPod touch should be just a matter of time. now hackers had install mario into iPhone with virtual controls.

    and as iPod touch IS an iPod, those made for iPod microphones and line in accessories should work on iPod touch (i remember i read that on apple web site).