Google: A Start-Up’s Dream

You know it’s an even better day to be a high-tech entrepreneur amid Google CEO Eric Schmidt’s admission that the search engine giant makes about one acquisition a week (probably little start-ups most people have never heard about). It’s good news for anyone running a start-up that looming just over the horizon is a cash-rich, M&A hungry, quasi-benevolent entity looking to snap you up for millions of dollars. Sometimes they want you and your technology; sometimes they just want your technology, which means you just get to spend a few months enjoying the comforts of the GooglePlex before you get booted onto the street with your Google t-shirt and Google dollars. For any entrepreneur struggling to pay the bills and find customers, especially customers who actually pay for your service, there’s reason to be optimistic that you’ll become Google’s next Buy o’ the Week. It makes you feel good all over to be a tech entrepreneur!

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