“A” is for Apple, “B” is for Booming Sales

A, B, C as easy as higher sales and profits, as well as booming sales of Macs and iPods. The numbers tell the story: a 36% year-over-year jump in Mac sales to 1.51 million units while iPod sales soared 24% to 10.5 million units. “The Mac is clearly gaining market share, with sales growing 36 percent — more than three times the industry growth rate,” said Apple major domo Steve Jobs.

Here’s my prediction: Apple will have Microsoft back on its heels for years to come. With a cool design, a far better operating system (combined with Vista’s less than stellar debut), the power of duo-core Intel processors and a sweet set of standard applications (the only external software you really need is Firefox and perhaps Microsoft Office), the Mac is the superior machine. Combine that with the aura of the iPod, and you’ve got a powerful way to drive sales. Maybe I’m become such a Mac-ite, I need to get an Apple tatoo but the Mac and iPod is hot, baby!

For more insight, check out IPDemocracy. as well as my favorite Apple blog, The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs. Update: Apple shares cracked through $100, which GigaOm asserts has taken the spotlight off company’s vexing stock option problem and, in the process, saved Jobs’ job. Meanwhile, the New York Times has a story looking at ex-Apple CFO Fred Anderson, who has been sued by the SEC.

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  • Shai Coggins

    That’s why I’ve been MacLusting for a while now. Heh.

  • Mark Evans

    Well, then you have to get one. Don’t tell Jeremy, though!