Time to Roll, Google

Ah, nothing like a Google announcement at a high-profile event to get the blogosphere all agog. This time, it’s a new presentation service that will be launched this summer following the purchase of Tonic Systems. With Google soon to have e-mail, word processing, spreadsheets and presentation services, they just have to make them work seamlessly together and convince large companies to embrace Web 2.0, and you’ve got a Microsoft Office killer…or maybe not. In any event, it should be a fun bun fight. Note: Here’s an interview with Google CEO Eric Schmidt at Google Presentations. By the way anyone else, curious about why Google announced Presentations now but it won’t be available for another few months?

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  • Andy Beal

    There’s been a lot of rumors that they were working on it, and they probably felt that news would spread, once they acquired Tonic. That, or they wanted the spotlight on them, the day Yahoo announced its Q1 earnings. ;-)