Web 2.0 Hobos are Alive & Well

Earlier today, I read this post on how to get more out of conferences and networking events – and it tweaked me about one of the Web 2.0 community’s most puzzling trends: the number of people – most of them “digital consultants” – who spend most of their time attending conferences and networking events. Even better, they attend most of these events for free in return for blogging or taking photos/video. I’m not sure whether to describe these people as online hobos or the Zsa Zsa Gabors of the Web (For those not familiar with Mr. Gabor, she was an actress famous for being famous even though she didn’t do much acting other appearing on Hollywood Squares). In some ways, this activity is an extension of the free/freemium model that rules the Web 2.0 landscape now where no one – other than, in theory, advertisers – seems to pay for anything. Not sure whether letting people into conferences is sustainable in the long-run but let the good times last while they can, right?

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  • Chad

    Yah, we have a Zsa Zsa in our generation, her name is Paris Hilton…