Another Day, Another Web List

I’m not a big list fan. That said, PC World’s 50 Most Important People on the Web list is interesting if only because it will generate some “healthy” discussion about who’s on it and who’s not. For example, Leo Laporte is #47. No offense but does he merit being on the list just because he created TechTV and the network? Kevin Rose is #32 but until he comes up with a way to turn Digg into something more than a cool and popular Web service, how does PC World justify his rating. And Robert Scoble at #25. Don’t get me, I think the people on the list are interesting in different ways but some of them are puzzling selections. Anyway, check out the list yourself. I’d be interested in who you’d book off the list and who you would add. (By the way, Sergey Bryn, Larry Page and Eric Schmidt are #1 but that ain’t a big surprise, is it?!)

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  • Robert Scoble

    I just wrote that I agree with you. There are far more people who deserve to be on the list than I do.

  • Mark Evans

    I didn’t mean to downplay the work you’ve done in the past few years, including the book with Shel.