Let’s Just Ban the Internet, Period

Why is Sen. Ted Stevens got this thing for the Internet. First, he disses it as a series of tubes (here’s the YouTube video), and now he wants to ban Wikipedia, MySpace and social networking sites from schools and libraries that receive federal Internet subsidies. The initiative, called Bill 49 (or Protecting Children in the 21st Century Act.), was introduced into the Senate in January. It’s a mystery why the 84-year-old Stevens doesn’t understand or like the Internet but he’s certainly persistent given Bill 49 is a reprise of the Deleting Online Predators Act, which failed to gain much support after he introduced it last year. Bill 49′s back in the spotlight in the wake of a comment by Preston Galla, but it first got on peoples’ radar in January. (Peter Cashmore had a good post on it).

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  • Eric

    Oh my, what a country of extremes. I don’t think that this is worth paying it too much attention. In the end, wiser minds shall prevail… (at least I hope)

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  • Aaron Brazell

    What an idiot Stevens is. He may be the patriarch of the Senate, but I’m predicting his life support fails before this bill gets to the floor of the Senate.