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Kevin’s in Montreal (apparently on business) so tech analyst Duncan Stewart was good enough to fill in. The major theme of this week’s Talking Tech podcast is Microsoft, which had an up and down week. First, the bad as Microsoft (or, at least one, of its employees) was thrust into the spotlight after trying to hire an Australian journalist to “correct” some Wikipedia entries. So did Microsoft do anything wrong other than getting caught? After all, companies spend billions of dollars on public relations, marketing and advertising to create a message, and I’m sure many companies are quietly tweaking Wikipedia entries.
Of course, Microsoft can point to fiscal second-quarter results that met expectations, as well as bullish guidance. Mind you, Microsoft’s results continue to driven by old standards – Windows and Office – while its entertainment and online services divisions continue to bleed. (See Seeking Alpha for a break out of the results). It really is a mystery why Microsoft is unable to make money from its new business ventures.

From a personal perspective, Forrester’s report on the ROI of Blogging is interesting because it attempts to define the benefits that companies can get from blogging. Give Forrester credit for trying to provide companies with a higher level of comfort when it comes to blogging. That said, Forrester is throwing a small stone in a sea of corporate caution given many companies are still trying to get a handle on the benefits of blogging, let alone the content that the blogs should feature and who should them (the CEO? The VP of Marketing? The head of PR?)

Click here for the show notes. Thanks to David Jones, Ed Lee and Neil Johnson for their production expertise.

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