Hey, Where’s My Venice Project Invite?

So, there’s tons of buzz about the Venice Project - Niklas Zennstrom and Janus Friis’ new start-up to disrupt the television industry – now that beta invitations have finally been extended. While I haven’t got my invitation yet (sniff, sniff), Om Malik has the inside story on the company’s strategic direction from Fredrik de Wahl, who is running the company.

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  • Om Malik

    incoming dude… i will give you my token, if you donate $5 to red cross :-)

  • Mark G

    Sorry Mark – they are very stingy with the tokens that we received in the first round beta. One of the observations I made earlier in the week [] was how strikingly similar the GUI is to Xbox Video and Apple TV… was there a standards meeting that I missed?

  • Andres

    Check your inbox, should have one now. ;)

  • Mark Evans

    Hey, thanks! Much appreciated.



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  • Jooster

    Hi guys,

    Can anyone spare an invite to Joost? Would love to try it out.



  • George

    Hi, I would very much appreciate it if someone could spare a token for me.

    Thanks in advance.

    mundum [@] gmail [.] com

  • jörg.agatz

    hi, i would very much a invite…

    i search now since 2 Weeks..

    Pleas Help mee

    joerg.agatz[ @ ] googlemail[dot]com


  • leslie

    can any give me a invite to joost my email is

  • Tasos

    Could someone please send me an invite as well?


    Thank you!