Wi-Fi Woes at CES

Kevin Restivo has emerged from the bowels of the Las Vegas Convention Centre with a sad tale about Wi-Fi connectivity during CES. Over to you Kevin, who promises to provide us with some insight into the cool gadgets and devices he saw at CES during our Talking Tech podcast tomorrow.

Dave Dobbin where are you?
The International Consumer Electronics Show (and Las Vegas for that matter) should have consulted the Toronto Hydro Telecom president before it built a Wi-Fi system in the media and analyst room at the Las Vegas Convention Centre.

It’s been difficult at the best of times to log on all week. The show organizers have compensated by installing extra Lenovo computers pre-loaded with (what else?) the new Vista operating system. It’s still not much of a solution for Mac users such as myself, who need access to the iChat messaging application and .mac service. The city overall needs reliable wireless Internet access.

A Microsoft product manager during a recent presentation at the Orleans Hotel (where I’m staying) basically had to stop his presentation of a new MSN service because he couldn’t log on.
To be fair, the city’s infrastructure has been stretched because of the 150,000 extra inhabitants this week. At the Sands and Venetian hotels, where part of CES is being held, access has been better.

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  • jules

    Curious – Folks coming back from the BlogHer Conference are also complaining about the bad wi-fi services there as well….Perhaps we need Toronto Hydro Telecom to go global ;-)


  • Mark

    One of the reasons we picked the MaRS Collaboration Centre for the mesh conference was their Wi-Fi (we were adamant that it work well) as well as power in the floor.

  • Magnus

    I go to 6-10 INTERNET marketing conventions yearly and one selling perk of the price of the admission is the “FREE” hi-speed included either in the rooms and the hotel lobby and they always suck! Especially when you buy exhibit space and they are charging you 400-600+ for your connection and the lag is so unbearable you cant show off your slick products. Try getting compensated ha!

  • Jim Courtney

    As mentioned in my post about BlogHaus, the Podtech team had put together the best WiFi setup in Vegas for CES. Always available for logon; and a large enough pipe to even handle the most demanding video download requirements — according to the video posters.