The U.S. Looney About Our Loonies

Talk about a good spy story right out of a James Bond book. According to the CBC, U.S. security agencies believe that some Canadian coins (the Loonie being our $1 coin) contain tiny transmitters that could be used to trackU.S. military personnel. The U.S. Department of Defence claims at least three U.S. contractors who visited Canada ended up carrying our bugged coins. Can you imagine how how U.S. customs could react if the spy-transmitter-in-the-coin threat is taken seriously? You’ll not only have to remove the coins from your pocket but you may now have them confiscated as a security threat. Update: More information from Engadget, including a newspaper report that – surprise, surprise – the CBC story is overblown.

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  • Aaron S.

    Just think of it as gratuity for such great service.

  • David Jenkins

    Bugs in coins seem to be a complete waste of time, as soon as the person spends it and it’s geven out in change you are tracking someone else. Maybe these contractors had been given lucky gold souvenir loonies in which case you could track them home to their display case.