Wireless Wishes

After a week of blogging from the semi-wilderness of Ontario, here's a few things on my wireless wish-list. First, a really cool mobile blogging tool that would let you use a Blackberry, Treo or smart phone to do basic things such as hyper-linking, trackbacks, respond to comments and highlighting text (bold, italic, etc.). I've been doing posts to Blogware via e-mail on my Blackberry but it's not an elegant or feature-rich process. (Typepad just introduced a mobile blogging tool, while a Waterloo, Ont.-based company is working on one while we speak). Second, I'd like a multi-pronged broadband package that would offer residential service, Wi-Fi, Wi-Max and 1X/EVDO service. Let's say, for example, you're camping: that's when your Wi-Max service would kick in. When you're running around town, Wi-Fi takes over; while your 1X/EVDO (and hopefully 3G) service jumps into fray when you're on a Blackberry or a Treo. Would a pay a convenience premium for this kind of package? Sure as long as it's reasonable. Third, a Blackberry 8100. Without a doubt, the Blackberry is the mobile e-mail tool and a fairly good phone. With a camera, solid Web browser and the ability to play video and music, that would be most excellent.

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  • Anonymous

    Shameless. And I want one too… plus a couple LG Chocolate phones for the kids too! Maybe we can get a group rate

  • Anonymous

    The technological component is relatively easy Mark. Getting all the associated parties in a room to sign a roaming and peering deal… well! I gave up after 5 years of trying in the Wi-Fi space.