Is Rojo Elitist (or just an A-List Flunky)?

Here's a Friday morning rant: anyone get Rojo's weekly update, “The Week in Rojo” of
what's been happening on the blogosphere? Anyone notice it's the same-old
high-profile names every week (Scoble, Arrington, Huffington, John Battelle,
Steve Rubel, Silicon Beat)? Not to jump on the Nick Carr bandwagon but you figure
that a start-up such as Rollyo would give some love to people other than
A-listers, right? Perhaps I'm being a bit harsh but it would be nice to see some new, fresh names once in awhile.

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  • Anonymous

    Our experience in mixing A-listers with 'others' in TheGoodBlogs is that there are some terrific bloggers with great things to say. We started our beta with some A-listers purely for content but as we start getting more members, it's clear some of these A-listers will have to leave to make room for the up and coming. That's a turnaround for the Blogosphere! Almost like Tom Cruise being shunned by Paramount!

  • Eric E

    You would think Rojo would be encouraging some of those on the lower rungs of the Technorati ladder, but yeah, it seems like all they can do is rehash what Mike Arrington and 20 other bloggers have to say.
    Not a lot of added value for me.