Sports Coverage 2.0

I heard an interesting discussion yesterday on the radio as two newspaper sports reporters talked about how the Web how will impact what newspapers will cover as more advertising moves online. One thing that seems like a no-brainer is a lot of agate (horse racing results, scores, etc.) could be eliminated as sports section use their editorial space for news and features. This is already happening within many business sections as stock charts are moved to the Web. Another interesting scenario raised by the two reporters is newspapers may back away from covering the news and, instead, focus on doing more features and analysis stories. They figure a lot of the news such as game reports will already be available online well before their newspaper stories come out the next morning. Does this mean newspaper won't provide game coverage or even send reporters to out of town games? Not likely, but you could see shorter game stories complemented by longer features/analysis pieces.
Update: The New York Times has a story about how the news online has a shelf life of 36 hours, which suggests people want more than the hot news. It's also interesting the NYT is reducing the size of its newspaper by 1.5″ and close its printing operations in Edison, N.J. to save $42-million a year.

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  • Darren Barefoot

    On an only vaguely related point, I wanted to point to my friend's project, which I recently described as Hockey Pool 2.0. Different subject, same idea.