Canada's New Telecom Blueprint…or Not

A blueprint for Canada's $32-billion telecom industry will be unveiled today in Ottawa when a three-person panel, created by the federal government last year, gives birth to its much-anticipated Telecom Review Panel report. The recommendations are expected to be extensive, ranging from easing foreign ownership rules to deregulating the $10-billion local phone market to emasculating the CRTC, which regulates the industry. Before anyone gets too excited, there is a dark cloud on the horizon. This review panel was created by Liberals, who were kicked out of office earlier this year. Not surprisingly, telecom was a not a big election issue so it's difficult to tell how much of a priority the Progressive Conservative will place on a new telecom regime. If the PCs, who have a oh-so-tenuous minority government, decide there are other more, voter-friendly fires to address, the telecom report could collect dust – just like hundreds of other well-intentioned, government-sponsored exercises over the years. More later…..

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  • Anonymous

    Have I missed something … ? I thought the PC party was no more, and that we were currently ruled by the Conservative party.

  • François

    The report is substantial and argues that the duopoly of cable carriers and telcos in residential high-speed Internet should go unchallenged while at the same time argues that dominant market power should be quashed in the public interest – typical lack of coherence. The devil will be in the details of the many committees to be formed to review significant market power. Arrghh!