Will Frank Dunn, Google come out this week?

Two of the biggest questions in the high-tech world this week are whether Nortel CEO Frank “Silent Man” Dunn and Google Inc. will provide insight into what's happening with their companies. On Thursday, Nortel will post its first-quarter results, and during a conference call analysts are expected to ask Dunn questions such as: when do you expect the investigations into the company's accounting woes to be completed; why did you give your CFO and controller extended paid vacations even though you have directly or indirectly been the CFO since 1999; and will you give back any of the bonuses and options granted as a result of Nortel's improved financial performance if the accounting re-statements show the results weren't that good?
As for Google, it has to cough up financial information by Thursday to comply with SEC regulations. The search engine giant could file for an IPO or it could issue disclosure statements and put off the IPO exercise for a little while longer. The pressure to go IPO is enormous given that you have several high-profile VCs, who have not enjoyed a home run in years, chomping at the bit for a “liquidation event”. And you have to believe that Tiger Woods, who owns a few Google shares, needs the cash.

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